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My name is Havatzelet Nevo, I'm living in the North of Israel. A digital painting artist,  writer of SEO content articles and author (In 2006 my first children's book was published). From the moment I remember myself as a child, I used to paint at every opportunity, if only I had colors. It has always been easier for me to express myself instead of words in visually, through colors, those were my words, my feelings, my impressions of the world, and what's going on around me. An introverted girl with a well-developed imagination, leading to other places.

As a teenager, when I studied at the "WIZO" School of Arts in Haifa, I began to paint in oil and acrylic. I will never forget my dear teacher, who always guided and encourage me.  In painting, despite of all emotions and imagination, there are also rules. A few years later, because of my fondness for photography, I graduated from the "Camera Obscura" School of Photography.

I've always been interested in Politics (in my twenties I completed an academic degree the University of Haifa in the field of Political science, Sociology and Anthropology, I began to design protest posters. This was the time to rebel ... My goal was to "Drag" the environment into critical thinking.

In 2010, I completed a computer graphics course and its opened for me a new world. I did not really take advantage of the programs for the purpose I came to. I discovered that this is a wonderful way to create digital paintings in my own way. I have always been called "Free spirit". This is the beginning of my way in a new field that opened up to me a limitless world of creativity.

If you are an Art lover and you are interested in digital painting, you've definitely come to the right place! My work combines many elements, and if you like a unique Art with its own added value, you are welcome to contact me.

You too can be full partners in my work, contact me and share your own ideas, I will be with you all the way, until you get a digital painting that you have always dreamed of. All works are suitable for private art lovers, interior design offices, architecture offices and more.

Finally, I recently decided to fulfill my dream and create a website where you can see my works. It's definitely the time for you to meet me and my Art.


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